Dr. Jakob Edinger
Founder and Partner, Edinger Tourism Consultancy, 0512/344231-14 


Dipl. Arch. ETH David Edinger
CEO and Partner, Edinger Tourism Consultancy, 0512/344231-14


James Moore BSc
CEO, Edinger Tourism Consultancy
Foreign projects, 0512/344231-22


Dr. Simon Gspan
Partner and Senior Consultant, Edinger Tourism Consultancy, 0512/344231-14


Mag. Silvia Krahbichler

Consultant, Edinger Tourism Consultancy
Hotelmarketing, 0512/344231-12


Mag. Nicole Ströhle
Project assistant, Edinger Tourism Consulatancy
Social Media, Internet, 0512/344231-13


Jaqueline Juritsch
Office manager, Edinger Tourism Consultancy, 0512/344231-14