Executive Search – Recruitment of management personnel

Finding leaders and cadre employees as well as settling them into the company (or in tourism marketing organizations) is critical for business success.

The Edinger Tourism Consultancy manages an internal pool of applicants qualified for leadership positions.

We take on the execution of search orders; handle all of the candidate search and organisational measures to support the client in interviews and in the selection process.

The approach to executive search and selection process is divided into the following steps:

• Definition of the job - together with the client
• Advertisement text, media selection and insertion set-up
•  Set-up on the Website
• Check of the own database
• Coarse screening of candidates (= long-list)
• Selection of suitable candidates and detail screening (= Short List)
• Hearing moderation and candidate interviews
• Contract writing for hotel management  

All work is done in coordination with the clients.
Care is taken to ensure absolute confidentiality - for clients and for candidates.

We welcome applications.